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    1. 中文版 | ENGLISHGuangzhou Lingjie Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing|GZLJ|air fiter|HEPA|Activated carbon filter |air shower|clean workbench|FFU|Passbox
      Online Service
      Company Profile
      Guangzhou Ling Jie air purification equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., referred to as the Guangzhou Ling Jie, is a professional air filter and air purification equipment manufacturer, sales of "Ling Jie" brand of Coarse,medium,high efficiency particulate air filter and air shower, pass box, and HEPA filter outlet, FFU, 100 laminar flow hood, clean bench, ventilation cabinet, central laboratory bench, biological safety cabinets and other air purification equipment.   Over the years, our company has more than 1200 customers at home and abroad to establish a good relationship of cooperation, customers are widely distributed in the bio pharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, electronics, precision instruments, scientific research, teaching, aerospace, military and other industries.   Our company has outstanding talents, advanced production equipments, strict product quality control system, strong production capacity.   Welcome to call us or send E-mail to us to  talk about cooperation.

      New year's day and the Spring Festival holiday arrangements

      New year's Day holiday (Wednesday to Thursday 2014.1.1~1.2

      Classes: 2013.12.29 (Sunday)

      The Spring Festival holiday 2014.1.26~2.6 (26 ~ December lunar January eighth year started 2014.2.7 (lunar January 8)

      Overtime work arrangements

      Monday to Saturday overtime: 18:00~22:00

      Sunday and holidays: 8:00~17:30

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      Contact Us
      電        話:020-84550045(50線)
      傳        真:020-84550845
      手        機:15986393360
      聯  系  人:劉小姐
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